Project. Execution. PerfectedSherpa

Core features

Features which together make acomplete system

Standardize Project Creation

Within minutes quickly and efficiently create projects that capture the nuances of your business and the project


Automatically distribute Tasks, Deliverables and Milestones

Deliverable and Milestone Notification

Never miss an important document or moment with our built-in notification system

Stakeholders Collaboration

With everyone on the same system, all stakeholders can communicate and collaborate in real time

Real-time Reporting

Eliminate outdated progress with reports with real-time project insights

Synchronized Calendar

Have the entire project team sharing the same project calendar, thereby eliminating timing miscommunication

Empower your team with the Sherpa project execution tool

With Sherpa Task module, the process of converting Task, Deliverables or Milestones of a Project is much easier, organised, and seamless.

  • Manage each phase of your Real Estate project.

  • Manage Resources of your Project for each phase

  • Track Progress and status

  • Get all you projects Insight into single view

  • Budget Management

Bring your real-estateinto the future