Seek. Find. Explore Rover

Core features

Features which together make acomplete system

Structured Deal Sourcing

Create a standardized deal inflow structure that is specific to your organization

Real-time Reporting

Always know the status of your pipeline

Multi-Sourcing Channels

Allow multiple people to provide potential leads

Centralized Data

Keep all of the information on a potential opportunity in one place for the entire team to see

Deal Timeline

Have an audit trail of how deals developed within your organization

Idea Exchange

Allow your team to leave and see comments on a deal with the right context

Empower your organization with the Rover pipeline management tool

With Rover Opportunity module, the process of seeking, analysing and converting opportunity to a Project is much easier, organised, and seamless.

  • Machine Learning Algorithm to assit in analyzing a opportunity

  • Seek and Research multiple opportunities

  • Single pane view of your opportunities

  • Connect with developers for potential opportunity

  • Vendor Engagement

Bring your real-estateinto the future