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Our proprietary Project Execution tool. Sherpa utilizes static and dynamic processes/features to make the real-estate execution process more efficient, predictable and transparent for all project stakeholders. These processes include a notification system, machine learning based recommendations and the automatic assignment of project Tasks, Deliverables and Milestones. Sherpa is utilized from project identification through project turnover. With a focus on the overall development process, Sherpa is used by owners, service providers and all other project stakeholders.


Rover systemizes the prospecting process. These prospects can be potential projects, partners or clients. With Rover, the appropriate team members and vendors have access to the necessary Tasks, Deliverables and Milestones required to fully evaluate an opportunity. In addition to allowing multiple stakeholders to be engaged in evaluating an opportunity, Rover allows for the standardization of opportunity due diligence. Given that opportunities come from disparate sources, Rovers single interface, allows for an accurate summary of all opportunities in addition to the ability to perform different types of data analysis.

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