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About Us

Our mission is to redefinehow real estate is done

Our story begins in 2006 when the founder and CEO, Aziz Housseini, began working at a financial institution as a software engineer. Two years later he began working as a real estate developer for a non-profit in Baltimore city in the middle of the 2008 financial crisis. After more than a decade of developing real-estate projects of all shapes, sizes and complexity levels, one recurring theme appeared, the lack of a unified system across the industry. This lack of an operating system gave a way to an inefficient, opaque and fragmented industry.

It is from this observation and a mortal disdain for inefficiency that SEIN Tech Partners was created, to provide the real-estate industry with an operating system (similar to Microsoft Windows) that can be used by everyone involved in real-estate. In addition to the operating system, dubbed the SEIN Terminal, SEIN Tech Partners also develops core applications that push the industry to be more transparent, inclusive and efficient.

SEIN Tech Partnersdevelops software that powers the creation of real-estate. Our tools make real-estate creation more collaborative, integrated and replicable. We leverage machine learning, a cloud infrastructure and industry best practices to deliver on our goal of democratizing the real-estate creation process in favor of efficiency, transparency and scalability.

SEIN Terminalis a gateway to our ecosystem which provides access to our proprietary softwares, tools, research and resources for our clients/partners, users, and vendors.Additionally, it can also integrate various third party tools and software.

In addition to improving the SEIN ecosystem, STP serves as a change agent to organizations looking to digitally transform their real estate operations.




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Government Agencies

From the management of small renovations to large, complex projects, the SEIN Terminal provides government agencies with the transparency, standardization needed to meet the most strict of compliance requirements and increasing the chance of delivering projects on-time and on budget.

Non-Profit Organizations

The SEIN Terminal allows non-profits to do more with less by providing organizational and project level customization that serves as a force multiplier. The use of the full suite of applications allows for projects to be executed with artificial intelligence that rivals human decision making.

Private Developers

With the use of the SEIN Terminal, private developers can scale operations without the need to take on the traditional exposure. The SEIN Terminal allows for the easy replication of standard business practices while affording the ability to make adjustments based on local markets.


Managing the build out of corporate locations and/or franchises is complicated, even more so when they are done simulatenous, in different markets, with different vendors and team members. The SEIN Terminal puts all of those different stakeholders on the same system and provides the insights and recommendations based on exactly what is appropriate for that specific scenario.

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